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Junior geography

Aligned with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) syllabus, Geography aims to make students informed, responsible and active citizens. The topics studied in stage 4 and 5 Geography focus on developing students’ interest in and engagement with the world through exploration of global and national issues relating to interactions between people, places and environments.

Stage 4 Geography (Year 7)

Semester 1 starts with students exploring the formation, management and value of landscapes and landforms using examples from Australia and the world. They then assess the factors that influence perceptions of liveability, focusing on the elements that support and enhance human wellbeing. During this semester students also conduct a field work study of the liveability of areas within the Sydney metropolis such as Homebush, Barangaroo or Blackwattle Bay.

During Semester 2, Geography students continue to develop their understanding of the processes and influences that form and transform environments through the study of one of the most value resources in the world: water. They finish the semester with a study of the relationship between people around the world in the topic Interconnections. Throughout this topic students will analyse our increasingly globalised world, focusing on how trade, technology and transportation is bringing our global community closer together.

Topics for stage 4 Geography include:

  • Landscapes and landforms
  • Place and Liveability
  • Water in the World
  • Interconnections
  • Geography Skills

Stage 5 Geography (Year 9)

In Semester 1 students develop their understanding of the causes and consequences of the increase in urbanisation in Australia and across the world. They begin the topic with an in depth study into urbanisation in India including a film study assessing the positives and negatives of India’s slums. Students then examine the business of food in the topic Sustainable Biomes. Students conduct a guided research project into the production, sustainability and challenges of one the world’s most popular foods: chocolate!

During Semester 2 students explore the nature of and inequalities between human wellbeing that exists within and between countries. In this topic, students will be presented with introductory economics terms and concepts that build a foundational understanding of the topics that are explored in senior Economics. Student finish the course by assessing the functions of the environment, how humans have induced environmental change and the strategies used to promote and manage sustainability. As a part of this topic students will conduct an investigative study of coastal environments in Australia, including a field work excursion to either Cronulla Beach or Garie Beach.

Topics for stage 5 Geography include:

  • Changing Places
  • Sustainable Biomes
  • Environmental Change and Management
  • Human Wellbeing
  • Geography Skills