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HSC Course Topics (Physics)

1. Space

In this unit we examine the physics behind space travel, the laws controlling the movement of the planets and Einstein’s Relativity.

2. Motors and generators

Many industries are geared towards using electricity and electric motors are an essential part of our lives. Students investigate the generation and transmission of electricity.

3. From ideas to implementations

This unit looks at the major revolutionary ideas of the 20th century. The use of radio waves in communication, the development of the silicon chip and the developing field of superconductors are all explored.

4. Option: Quanta to Quarks

In the strange world of quantum physics particles behave waves and waves behave as particles. This unit stretches student imagination as we delve into the subatomic world.

5. Option: Astrophysics

The wonders of the Universe are revealed through technological advances based on tested principles of physics.