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Physics in Science Stage 6 provides students with a contemporary and coherent understanding of energy, matter, and their interrelationships.  It focuses on investigating natural phenomena and then applying patterns, models (including mathematical ones), principles, theories and laws to explain the physical behaviour of the universe.  It uses an understanding of simple systems (single particles and pairs of particles) to make predictions about a range of objects from sub-atomic particles to the entire universe and aims to reveal the simplicity underlying complexity.

Physics tells us:

  • How substances work.
  • How substances interact.
  • Which forces cause substances to interact.
  • How laws and principles determine the universe.
  • How physical phenomena are used by people.
  • How physical principles impact on technology. 

Physics is about how things work and has many practical applications.  Physics is the basis for students who want to become engineers and architects.

Many students at STHS achieve at a high level in the HSC.  To enhance their learning, students are also given the option to attend astronaut training in Orlando, USA.

Preliminary Course Topics (Physics)

HSC Course Topics (Physics)