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Biology Stage 6 explores the levels of organisation of life, from the molecular level through cellular to higher levels of organisational structure and function, which exhibit evolution as a common source of unity and diversity.  It includes developing an understanding of the interactions within and between organisms and between organisms and their environment.

  • How living things are classified.
  • How living things interact.
  • How living things function.
  • What is the origin and evolution of living things.
  • Why Australian fauna and flora are unique.
  • How has human impact changed the environment.

Biology students at Sydney Technical High School achieve at a high level and most achieve Band 5 or 6 in the HSC.  Biology is an important subject for students who intend on going into careers such as veterinary science, medicine, zoology.  At STHS the knowledge is enhanced by compulsory field trips to the Childrens’ Hospital for pathology study and to the National Park for ecology.

Preliminary Course Topics (Biology)

HSC Course Topics (Biology)