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HSC Course Topics (Chemistry)

1. The production of materials

In this unit we examine the search for new compounds to replace the dwindling resources from the petrochemical industry.

We also examine the role of nuclear chemistry in industry and medicine.

2. The acidic environment

Many industries use acidic and basic compounds for a wide range of purposes and their compounds are found in daily use within the home.

We also examine the impact of the increased release of acidic and basic substances on the environment and the organisms within those environments.

3. Chemical monitoring and management

Pollution of air, land and water is a concern for our planet. In this unit we examine the technologies that facilitate the gathering of information about the occurrence of chemicals and their impact on the environment.

4. Option: industrial chemistry

Some chemicals have been produced to replace naturally occurring chemicals that are no longer available. Industrial chemical processes cover the full range of reactions and concentrate on some case studies.