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Peer support and student transition

There are coordinators for Year 7 and Year 11 transition.  They are responsible for the wellbeing of new students and ensure they settle into the school. They assist students with their curriculum and the organisational procedures.

STHS has enjoyed a long association with the Peer Support Foundation of Australia. Each year, every student in Year 8 completes the peer support training course – an intensive two-day program that provides explicit lessons in leadership, emotional intelligence, resilience and the role of respectful relationships. The traning gives many of our boys the opportunity to be selected as Peer Leaders. The primary purpose of Peer Leaders is to assist with the successful transition of new Year 7 students to high school. Starting at high school can be a challending stage in any young person’s life. New buildings, procedures, subjects, transport routes and routines mean that having an experienced and empathetic role model from Year 9 gives our Year 7 students a supportive and connected transition experience. It also gives our mentors an important opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills.

Peer Support

Peer Support at Sydney Technical High School consists of a series of organised peer led sessions which commence on Year 6 Orientation day and continue the following year during Terms 1 and 2 during Welfare Assembly time. The program is targeted towards Year 7 students and is led by a selected group of trained Year 9 leaders who facilitate small group sessions under the supervision of teachers. Each session is designed to help integrate our incoming Year 7 students into high school life as well as improve their mental, social and emotional wellbeing.

Transition Program

The Transition program at Sydney Technical High school allows for a smooth transition for our incoming Year 7 students as they transition from Primary into High School. The program is run by Year 7 teachers for the first two days of the school year and finishes up with a Peer Support session at the end of the first week. The topics covered in the two day transition program include; name game and mixing activities, overview of school rules and procedures, teacher contacts and there location within the school, diary familiarisation, navigating the school and local area and finally a series of study skills activities.