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Gagne's model

Gagne’s Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent (DMGT) provides the following definitions of giftedness and talent, and is used by the school as the foundation for its teaching programs:

  • Giftedness is potential (natural aptitude or ability) that is significantly beyond what might be expected for one’s age, in any area of human ability including intellectual, creative, social and physical.
  • Talented refers to actually performing or achieving at a level significantly above average in any area of human performance.
  • Gifted Underachievers: A student who is gifted, but who has not yet been able to translate their potential into performance that is significantly above average may be seen as a “gifted underachiever”.

Gagne’s DMGT shows that the school has a crucial role in providing gifted students with appropriate opportunities for learning, training and practice so that gifted students can achieve their potential.