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Preliminary Course Topics (Chemistry)

1. The Chemical Earth

In order to use the Earth’s resources effectively and efficiently, it is necessary to understand the properties of the elements and compounds found in the mixtures that make up earth materials.

In this unit we apply models, theories and laws to classify materials.

2. Metals

Metals make up the majority of the elements. In this unit we examine the physical and chemical properties of metals.

The periodic Table was a breakthrough in the systematic organization and study of chemistry and has enabled scientists to predict the discovery of further elements.

3. Water

The particular properties of the water molecule assisted the evolution of life and continue to support life processes. The chemistry of solutions is also examined.

The concepts of bonding and intermolecular forces are used to increase our understanding of the special nature of the water molecule.

4. Energy

Fossil fuels are carbon compounds. In this unit we examine the structure and properties of carbon as well as the reactions, including combustion.