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Preliminary Course Topics (Physics)

1. The world communicates

In this unit students investigate the electromagnetic spectrum and its application to communication in the 20th Century. Information is carried on an increasing range of energy waves and speed and efficiency has led to new ways of transmitting information.

2. Electrical energy in the home

In this unit students investigate the components of electrical circuits and derive the relationship between essential factors.

Safety devices in household applications are described and the importance of working safely within the home is evaluated.

3. Moving about

Students investigate the relationship between force, mass and acceleration. Everyday situations are analysed in terms of Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Students apply their knowledge of forces and interactions to the study of car collisions and the importance of airbags.

4. The cosmic engine

The universe was formed in the big bang and students analyse information about the changes in our galaxy since the beginning.

The importance of gravity in the formation of stellar bodies is investigated.