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Manners Makyth Man

Telephone02 8566 2600

Vision and values

Sydney Technical High School provides a learning environment where students can achieve excellence in all fields of endeavour. We expect students to strive for their personal best performance within the ethical frameworks of integrity and responsibility.

We believe school community relationships contribute to the personal growth of every student. We therefore value respectful relationships with peers, school staff, parents and friends of the school. We want our students to value interactions based on principles of equity and justice which will sustain and improve our natural and social environments and prepare them for their future.

We encourage our students to value life long learning, and we instil in them a curiosity which will embrace new challenges. We support their learning in intellectual, creative and social domains. We nurture their passion as they develop from guided learners to autonomous and self-regulated young men. We want our students to grow into engaged and motivated adults who make meaningful contributions to society.

Three beliefs that drive us

  • Excellence
  • Creativity¬†and Innovation
  • Participation

Three beliefs that bind us

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity