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Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award has been successfully operating at our school since 1985, regularly producing Bronze, Silver and Gold awardees.

The award is one of the many extra-curricular choices available to every student of the school and consists of four areas: Skill, Community Service, Physical Recreation and Adventurous journeys. Each facet is designed to challenge students to get out of their comfort zone and try new things and meet new people.

The award is recognised in many countries and benefits students in the fact that they develop valuable leadership, teamwork and self-management skills which can be utilised in all aspects of their future lives.

In terms of skills, the award also has the benefit of developing both newly acquired and previously practiced skills, to give the student a greater range of interests to pursue. Having extra skills and interests creates a better-rounded person, something prospective employers and institutions see as an extremely valuable commodity.

In terms of community service, the award enables students to get a first-hand understanding of how community groups manage programs vital to the wellbeing of their immediate communities. Students become more understanding of the key ingredients of a successful community, which in turn, assists them in becoming future leaders of their communities.

In terms of Physical Recreation, the award encourages students to incorporate exercise into their daily lives. Students participate in either team or individual activities, or a combination of both, in order to make new friends, improve on their personal bests or to simply live a healthier lifestyle.

The school currently runs its own expeditions into areas such as the Blue Mountains and the Royal National Park. These expeditions range between two and three day journeys, designed to challenge the resourcefulness and stamina of those involved. Students navigate, cook, work as a team and make critical decisions during these journeys, as well as learn to respect and appreciate the natural environment that surrounds us.

Sydney Technical High School proudly supports extracurricular pursuits, such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, as they help shape our students into the leaders of tomorrow.