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Year 11-12

Mathematics in Stage 6 provides opportunities for students to think mathematically and develop and engage in problem solving. Mathematical thinking is supported by an atmosphere of questioning, communicating, reasoning and reflecting and is engendered by opportunities to generalise, challenge, identify or find connections and think critically and creatively. 

Sydney Technical High School currently offers three levels of senior study:

  • Mathematics (Advanced)
  • Mathematics Extension 1
  • Mathematics Extension 2 (In recent years, there have been 4 classes studying at this level.)

There is flexibility in moving between the different levels. What is most important is that our students find themselves in the most appropriate level of Mathematics that matches their ability.

On average, half of our students obtain the highest band, and a further 47% achiever the second highest band. This is well above the state’s averages. Since 2011, Sydney Technical High School has ranked as the top school in the St George region for Mathematics.